Everyone is already over the abyss. What happens there?

Volume 9, Number 2

Fluidity becomes frozen, the frozen melts back into fluidity,
they aren’t different from one another

Text Satsang

 on January 17, 2007

Activity and Awareness, (Part 3)

Visitor: This spinning around in circles seems to be endless.

Douwe: It’s not endless, because sooner or later you suddenly shoot into infinity. The finiteness you experience disappears. Awareness and a lucid energy is needed is needed for that.

A few years ago in the Advaita Post there was a cartoon with Osho at the edge of a large ravine. On the edge he had placed a painting of  an idyllic landscape standing right in the middle of the road that runs into the ravine. In front of that painting there was a sign which read: ‘Here it is.”  So you’d see someone running along the path and plunging right through the canvas. He kept a piece of paper hanging beside the cartoon on which he kept a tally …

the path

Within duality you have to interact with objects. Some of them are very attractive. When something is announced as ‘Here it is’ – the ‘I’ is immediately attracted, with the quality ‘I have to go there’.  Then you run to it, as quickly as you can. When it’s a full tilt run, and when the item acts as a doorway to infinity, you fly through the painting while the ‘I’ with its spinning circles disappears. That’s how it goes.
What happens when you leave the path by going through the painting?  A large space emerges and consciousness comes into being.

I often want to just stick with what I  see.

That’s the point, to be aware of your own situation, what’s actually happening, what you truly are and what you are not. When you recognize your true nature, you think to yourself  “I’ve never seen that before.”

The ‘I’ will always try to maintain itself.  How can liberation still happen?

In your own experience, the self has a layering of different levels.  There is the egocentricity, the ego which wants to maintain itself, but there is also a different level of self that says: ‘Fantastic, here comes space. ”

Is it from the level of the self, not from the ‘I’?

The ego is also a form of self, but it is a limited form. On the level of insight you have a much wider sphere of being.  From the insight you might say: ‘OK, let it all happen. Let the demolition take place, because I experience it as an expansion.’   That’s how it goes.
So that self has, in your own experience, a variety of different levels that are more or less limited. If you are experiencing different levels, then you can’t remain any longer on the limited levels, because that is pure suffering. On the level of insight it is more spacious and so you just let the dissolution proceed.

Then that falling apart doesn’t come from ego-me?

Of course not, because only from the insight level do you see that the ego self is merely a piece of tension.

For as long as you remain in your ego, the mechanism of ‘Here it is,’ and ‘run’ is necessary, otherwise you will never move. Of course, you must do your utmost – desire more strongly and run harder – but during this run something else might happen, which is that you become aware of your own situation. Something happens in a vertical sense, principally an opening on the level of insight. While the run is still continuing, it becomes increasingly clear how it is. Suddenly, there is a view of the whole situation, like a painting, as a picture to which you run – and into which you run .  That situation suddenly breaks open.

On the one hand you must do your utmost, wherever there is an ‘I’. Otherwise you remain dull.  The awareness remains limited and nothing or very little happens.  On the other hand, ther is the hope that you will soon understand that there is absolutely nothing to be done. You can do nothing. As long as you stay fixed on ‘you’, you think that ‘you’ in the world can do something for your liberation. If you run to the painting with the idea ‘There it is’, you remain in the ‘I’. If it stays like that as you fly through the painting, you will crash. Then you will not make progress with your running.

Everybody is already above the abyss. What happens there? Some people aren’t aware of it, others say there is ‘nothing to do, life is finite, we have to live with it.’  Some keep trying and  keep running very hard in the air, like in a cartoon … Some break open in the consciousness: I am the wind, I am the birds, I am the sunlight, I am the space …


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