The breaking open of self-being gives the Openness to everything and everyone.

Advaita Post, Volume 9, Number 7

 Advaita Post 9-7


Text Satsang

Talk given in Bruges on March 30, 2008 (1)

Notes from Danny

Hear the sound of the church bells.

You can concentrate on the sound or you can just remain open.

With concentration the focus will be on the outside world, which entails a condition of duality.

When you are open the duality disappears and there is only the sound of the bells.

In the relaxation and openness all distances disappear, you are everything.

When you hear the sound of the bells, then you are that sound.

As you look at someone, then you merge with the other because there’s not any distance any longer.

Let everything come open.

This breaking open gives the openness to everything and everyone.

It is a total acceptance of everything and everyone.

So everything and everyone comes free, free from the grip of the ego.

Any expectation that you have with regard to the other, restricts the other, because then the other is not free.

Even when you have the best in mind for someone, you limit them.

Give the other total freedom in all aspects.

Only then can the other be himself.

The other has the right to be released.

That also means that you have come free from the grip of another.

Let the boundary between yourself and the other go.

In the disappearance of borders you come free.

Love means releasing the other from yourself in the openness.

In deep relaxation and stillness all phenomena come and go.

Only the Source remains.

This Great overtakes the world of ‘me’.

It is important that you are aware of that.

The Greater is not separate from you: it is your own Self.

This is the All that contains everything within it.

In the return to yourself, you forget yourself, and merge into the Great.

Suppress nothing, leave everything open.

Repression of is a form of bondage and restriction.

See that everything that has form is relative.

Go back to the source of your self.

You realize that there has never been a separation between yourself and the Absolute.

Recognize this very clearly.

You are sitting; everything relaxes, you become completely open.

You surrender yourself to the Great.

You let the whole identity of yourself go.

In this release from all forms, there are no boundaries anymore.

In the open sphere everything is allowed to be.

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