Merge with your infinite desire and realize your own infinity.

Advaita Post, Volume 9, Number 8

Being Stuck

(illustration thanks to Kees van den Bergh –

Text Satsang

Talk in Bruges on March 30, 2008 (2)

Notes from Danny

In the release of all forms, there are no boundaries anymore.

In this open realm everything is allowed to be.

People who want to keep everything under control become tense.

Be aware that it’s impossible for you to arrange everything, because as a human being you are limited.

Many people have a basic tension to control everything.

For them it’s become a habitual tension.

You don’t need to remain at the ‘I’ level where you try to regulate everything.

Rather, go into the more spacious Self and let go of limitations.

Let the relaxation continue infinitely.

Be aware too, of the state of limitless relaxation, because that is your most essential core.

Let it deeply penetrate that you’re free from all patterns and restrictions.

Naturally, you are completely free.

When you experience limitations, understand that you’re more spacious and don’t hold on to those restrictions.

Be aware of the open sphere as your own.

By releasing all control, everything happens by itself, spontaneously.

When there are no more boundaries between yourself and others, then there can be no more war.

War is always about borders, but if all borders disappear, war disappears with it.

In the Open the other is lovingly accepted.

In the openness of yourself, everything is allowed to be, everything is accepted.

Precisely because it is open, so much more is possible than ever before.

There are many more unexpected opportunities.

To what extent is the open space present for you during conversations with others?

Watch that you don’t lapse back into a limited identity.

Even though you are infinite, you only create suffering when you limit yourself.

The tragedy is knowing that you’re free but understanding that you hold on to limitation.

Don’t stick to limited forms.

The limited self is but a small part of your true Self.

The lifting of suffering isn’t the lifting of limited desires.

Don’t desire too little. Your desire is endless.

Merge with your infinite desire and realize your own infinity.

Then the fundamental suffering is lifted.

Recognize the Openness very clearly in yourself, otherwise you fall back into limitations.

Because you are not aware of the Openness, you always return to getting stuck in certain forms and patterns.

When the limited ‘I” is released in the universal Self, then its actions are contained within the greater whole.

There are no expectations any more, because there isn’t an ‘I’ that wishes for something

Everything I wish for is included in the will of God, the whole.

Everything goes by itself.

Because I no longer intervene, there is no resistance.

When something happens, it happens naturally.

It can be called action without acting.

It’s an action without an “I” that wants.

Let the relaxation continue on all levels until there is nothing more to hold on to.

The kite flies away, because the end of the string isn’t fixed to the reel.

Let the relaxation continue radically on all levels until everything is free.

Be careful not to get stuck in new forms.

Then the relaxation continues through to complete freedom.


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