So let the unmanifested remain open in daily experience 

Advaita Post, Volume 9 No. 13

TR:”The sleep department is open”. When is the awake department open?


Text Satsang

An introduction and talk in Gouda May 14, 2008

The further development of the sensory non-duality, Part 4

Visitor: You write somewhere that at a given moment the ‘I am’ disappears.  How does that relate to the openness?
Douwe: The thought ‘I am’ is the first and last quality of self-being. You can experience that that, too, can disappear.

All the qualities that can be experienced can become universal. In that way they continually become more subtle and at a given moment just disappear. This is true for the last qualities of sat-chit-ananda, too: ‘I’-being, consciousness, bliss. Can you really experience that?  I don’t mean theoretically, by talking, but going there in your own experience. Notice that an ordinary experience can develop universally and that in that universal sphere there is still an enjoying ‘I am’. When that [universal] quality is permitted to really thrive, the ‘I am’ becomes increasingly rarefied and disappears entirely.

Then is that beyond non-duality?
In the process, such as it can be experienced, first there is a development of non-duality in the observer and the observed. Directly that “situation” becomes universal. Within that there is still an undifferentiated ‘I am’. Non-duality arises from there, from that “I am” and That within which it dissolves.

But if there aren’t qualities any more, then is there no more bliss?
The last quality is that which is infinitely good.  Just let the depth remain open.
When there is an impulse towards genuine openness, there arises not only a horizontal non-duality, but also a vertical openness in which the absolute stands open. When qualities arise, the absolute also remains present.

I don’t understand that.
As space you’ll surely understand it. What you see here in space, is absorbed in the larger space. This space is not any different from that. You can become aware of this space as part of the larger space. This can continually repeat itself to the extent that you can remain aware of the absorption of the great space into its source. That origin can remain foremost in experience. When something appears, it appears within it. The phenomena arise from that origin and disappear within it once again.

The manifested and the unmanifested are one whole.
Yes, so let the unmanifested remain open in ordinary experience.

But there is no one who sees that manifested.
No. Indeeed, there is no longer any person who opens himself up and sees the unmanifested. The unmanifested isn’t present in the reality of daily experience.

Do you mean that the unmanifested is knowable?
It isn’t known in the ordinary experience method of knowing, not in the way in which the word “know” is normally used.

Is it confirmed through intuition?
That, too, is a word the meaning of which is connected to a particular psychological function. I use the word “being-experience” to indicate it as a kind of experience in which the experiencer also is. Normal experience and knowledge always have a subject (I know) and an object (that). When both merge there is a non-duality which has the tendency to resolve into something inexpressible.

Actually it’s comparable with your bodily awareness, because in that awareness aren’t there particular areas that are not present in consciousness, and other areas that are.
For this being-experience I often refer to the body, because within that the non-duality can be directly seen. You easily recognize non-duality in the experience of your own body. Therefore, it’s good to begin with that, since it’s something concrete. We also do this in yoga. Your body has a subject-aspect and an object-aspect, an “I” aspect and a thing aspect. Yet they go together. When you dive into it there is a non-dual being-experience that develops universally, simply because there are no separations any more. Then the whole cosmos is your body.
But be careful with this physical approach because you’re usually still in your head and there’s still the separation with your legs, and so on. The pattern, your body image and body scheme is very persistent. When you really return to the direct experience of the coinciding of subject and object, that pattern can simply disappear. Just let yourself relax. Then you’ll notice it very quickly.
Can you experience that?

I’m still busy with that enjoyment we were talking about. I can’t articulate the question. Something isn’t clear …
Take another look at what’s going on.

Something was enjoyed. And in that field of enjoyment there is something that thinks it should be able to posses it. But that an “I” is there is pure illusion.
Yes, and this immediately breaks through into the great enjoyment.  When you enjoy from the ego you enjoy only a small part.

The moment that you become aware that you have been projecting a separated thing you’re already free of the illusion.
Yes, hopefully through that then you are free from it’s limitations.
What I was referring to now is letting the inner development that is contained within enjoyment continue. In experience itself there is a development towards universal non-duality. I recently saw how babies receive the mother’s breast. You can immediately see that they enjoy it, one hundred percent. There is no separation, no “I enjoy this delicious milk.”  Find that space within yourself. Then you can let the experience develop.  Then the non-duality remains clearly present.


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