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When every separation disappears, you are free
November 17, 2008

Advaita Post, Volume 9, Number 17

What’s the effect of such an encouragement?
Perhaps more of these signs should be hung.

Text Satsang 

A talk in Bruges on November 2, 2008

Notes by Danny

Douwe: Turn your gaze inwards. Feel your body from within and be aware of your thoughts and feelings. Let your consciousness extend behind you.

You are now aware of yourself from the inside out, of your bodily impressions and feelings and of everything that’s present in the mind.

You are aware of your physical self now too, of your whole situation. Experience all this concretely in the space.

You are the space as being-awareness. This open sphere is your own conscious space. In this open space old borders and patterns dissolve. All borders have disappeared and you experience pure happiness.

From the ‘I’ position you can’t break the walls that you’ve built around yourself, because there are ‘I’ interests.

Taking a little distance from the situation you become more like an observing consciousness. There is a greater field of view, there is a greater conscious space, with more clarity and insight. Within this the ‘I’ tensions relax. Exactly because you are more spacious, you can release the tensions. The subtle ‘I’ tensions dissolve in the infinite space of yourself. All limiting energies dissolve in the space that you are.

In the relaxation everything comes open. The more you go within, the more you come open. Everything is lovingly absorbed as an open sphere of sensitive awareness.

Don’t go along with the forces that emanate from others. Stay with the open self-being.

So you’re free from every compulsion, free from every attachment. In this way your environment also becomes more open, because it’s no longer tightly held and manipulated by an ego.

In the open sphere all restrictions of the personality disappear. The ‘I’-person dissolves. You are no longer fixed to a solid form. You are free. As the essence of self-being you are totally open on all levels. Even the observing consciousness dissolves as you return to your groundless self.

Through the dissolution of the ego there is no individual importance any longer. All problems and conflicts were caused by the creation of separations, while you are the space without separations. As every separation disappears, you’re free. All heaviness, seriousness and weightiness disappear. Happiness and peace simply appear in the liberation . Isn’t that beautiful?

Stay always and everywhere in yourself as open space. Then it will work all the way through. It’s so simple, only if you don’t hold on tightly to old patterns. Let these patterns dissolve in the infinite openness of yourself. In the open sphere there is no one who acts. The action happens by itself.

The essence of desire is authentic. Only it is projected onto limited things.  That doesn’t diminish the desire, because in it’s core every desire is infinite. But proceed directly with the infinity of the desire towards the happiness of unity.

When you taste delicious wine you disappear. You go so far into it that all borders disappear. As subject of the tasting you merge with the wine as an object. When this happens in consciousness, that’s realization.  Radicalize this realization, then the openness completely breaks through.

Stay with the understanding of the Great without separations. That is essential. This openness is fundamental, all phenomena are of secondary importance. Don’t hide behind conditions. Don’t let anything or anyone distract you. Let the release happen completely. Let the surrender occur in an sphere of trust and love. That is the “direct path”.


You confirm for yourself: there are no separations, period.
November 3, 2008

Advaita Post, Volume 9, Number 16

Non-Dualiteit, de grondeloze openheid

Non-Duality, the groundless openness, original Dutch language edition

Text Satsang

A talk in Gouda, 13 Feb., 2008

 The direct confirmation

Douwe: Become aware once again of your attention towards things.  Then turn your attention back to yourself as the source of that attention. It’s a return of yourself into yourself as silence. This return goes by itself.  When you’re aware of yourself and you let yourself relax, then there is a unlimited fall into the depths of self-being. So you really re-turn. Then you see: I have no form to contain myself. When you don’t maintain forms with all your might, as you let the tension go, you notice how deeply you can sink into the relaxation – within which all forms disappear. All borders disappear. There is no difference any more between self-being and everything else that is. The form of yourself disappears while simultaneously the demarcated forms of all the other things you originally posited as external to you also disappear. In this returning, there is a limitless relaxation, a total falling away of the borders.

What manifests itself then is the great being, self-being, conscious-being. That continues to exist, also when the eyes are open and perceiving forms. The being-experience of unity continues to exist. The forms that display themselves within it remain relative, the forms that your senses experience and the forms that you create in your mind. All forms remain extremely relative and transparent within that great being-self-being.

In the return to yourself from your attention towards external things you’ll surely experience something of your own self-being. The more concrete that experience is, the better. The first concrete experience is your own bodily feeling. Returning to yourself you enter into the sensitive sphere of your own bodily feeling, your own felt-body. Then there is already a direct confirmation: here, I am at home with myself. That can be a very clearly felt confirmation of self-being.

You can go still further, further to your inner core. Then there is an even stronger experience: “Here I am totally myself. Here I can relax even more and experience that the relaxation continues quite radically.” Then the forms of the body disappear as well as the ideas you have about yourself.

The forms disappear and with them the borders and the grasping. The deeper you go in, the more open your own sphere becomes. In clarity you confirm that there are no borders, that there are no divisions. Your own self-being comes together with the whole of reality. With the return to the essential in yourself, the essential of yourself appears to be the essential of everything and everyone. There is one essential, without separations. You merge with the Self of everything and everyone.

Can you verify that?  Go looking from inside out; then you experience it and you confirm it.  In the confirmation, be honest with yourself. You confirm: that’s how it is. That’s a direct confirmation, without all the thinking processes that cloud experience. You confirm things directly: that’s how it is, period. You are the Self of all, no problem.

Do you get that? Can you confirm that for yourself?

Visitor: In the direct experience sure, but …

Period. Why: “comma, but …”? If you experience it directly, isn’t that it? Period. As you see the candle there now you confirm it: there is a candle. Then all sorts of thoughts can certainly enter, for example, “It may well be an illusion.” Then look more precisely and you confirm it even more clearly to yourself – period.

Yes, period, and then thinking returns again.

When you’ve thoroughly seen through it, it’s clear to you: I have nothing to do with that thinking. I immediately see that this strange whispering is nonsense. You confirm something directly and unambiguously. Isn’t that the principal means to determine what really is? When someone comes with stories of miraculous things, you say: for me there is but one criterion to determine if it’s true or not – I’ll have to see it for myself. If then you do see it, there may even be a reaction: I can’t believe my eyes. But the evidence wins it: it appears to be true. That’s the point of a clear confirmation. When you continue investigating things in a very clear and sober way, you may come to such clear findings that the distrust disappears. When thoughts arise, they no longer appear to be relevant, because the verification is so clear: this! Is that clear?

Sometimes feelings are linked to certain expectations that …

Yes, feelings are always linked to dreams. But is that a reason to say to yourself in the morning: “I am really awake now. But that dream with those feelings was even more real than this waking world where I now am.”  Isn’t that crazy? When you are awake, there is an immediate internal confirmation that you’re awake, that your consciousness is brighter than it is in the dream. You don’t have to think about it, you confirm it directly. There’s no doubt that this is a greater clarity. So that’s how it is. Internally you experience that there are no separations. This self-being merges with the self-being of everything and everyone – period. That’s clear! And it’s also very joyful, it’s very loving, it’s the most beautiful thing that there is.