Nothing and no one is excluded, because there is nothing else. 

Advaita Post, Volume 9, Number 20

A recognition of the overwhelming silence is wished for all


From Schiermonnikoog, June 11, 2008

Silent night

There is the great silence. You can open yourself up to that and then it’s experientially evident.

Externally, you can experience the great silence despite the hustle and bustle of the world. You can always tune yourself in more and more accurately. You can open yourself up very precisely to the very essence of silence.  Then the great silence manifests itself very strongly. That can become so overwhelmingly strong that the rest of all your limitations are swept away. It can also come over you spontaneously as grace, the realization of the great silence, the expansion into that great silence.

Going within you discover the deep silence within yourself, too. When you return to the source of your self all sorts of worries fall away, all sorts of things that you identified with. With further insight you can release them so that they’re no longer a factor. In the center of yourself, the center of your heart, it’s quiet and free.  When you can be consciously present there in that center, the small space appears to be infinite. There is an infinite silence. That infinity merges with the great silence which initially you might have experienced as external. The external silence and the internal silence come together, they are identical. The great silence as the essence of the cosmos in which everything is absorbed and the internal great silence of formless self-being being-awareness merge. The self-being is released from its restrictions into the Silence.

The one great silence is the foundation of everything. Whatever phenomena arise there, they arise out of that. Within it all phenomena disappear once again. For example, the phenomenon of the body. Often it’s not there, sometimes it is, and then there might be the experience of a body that moves. A few moments later and it’s gone again. When it is there, you are that body also from the inside-out, as it walks.

In the same way you experience the sea gull that flies, you know what it means to have wings, wings to use, to fly, to sail on the wind. You know from the inside out what it is to leap through the dunes like a rabbit, to nibble on the young leaves, to dive quickly away when a hunter comes. From the inside out you feel it.

In the same manner you are each man, whoever it is. When the Silence is there, you feel your own self-being in every man. Nothing and no one is excluded, because nothing else is. There is only an inexpressible silent greatness.

When you clearly recognize “this is it”, you become free, everything becomes free, an entirely new creation comes into being.

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