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Non-duality only becomes stable when you experience it physically, very concretely.
February 19, 2009

Advaita Post, Volume 10 No. 3

Willemsduin – Schiermonnikoog
A recognition of yourself?



An introduction and talk on January 17, 2007

Once again ‘the body’, (#7, Conclusion)

Douwe: The internal experience of your body can help you with the universal being-experience of non-duality. When you close your eyes, you can’t really find where your bodily sphere, thus your self-sphere, ends.  When you are not actively engaged with thinking: then where are your limits?

Visitor: But the body still falls under the same heading as the ‘I’. So then you don’t have to be aware of your body?
If only that were true. You’re not simply free on the physical level . On different subtle levels you’re still in a body. On the level of transpersonal insight you still have an insight body. So here again: be aware of your bodily being. You can affirm that that sphere becomes less and less definable.

Then you don’t just mean the ananda, the bliss?
Yes that, too. But then you go even further back to the source of yourself. Then you’re no longer in the insight-body, but you have a body of universal bliss.

I find that ‘being in the body’ confusing.
You have to let go of the image that you have learned, what you know about the body and what you physically see. Return to your feeling sense, to your feeling of your body. So the physical form that you have of yourself in your head is only one of the forms of your body.

When you dream, what kind of body do you have then? A dream body.

When you’re in the mental sphere and you imagine yourself here and there: then you have a mental body.

When you feel yourself absorbed into a happy sphere of bliss, what kind of body do you have then?  A bliss-body.

Up until now I have been blessed with a strong physical body, within which there is not so much to feel …
Still it’s important to feel your body very concretely, because that’s your normal being-sphere. You can experience your ‘being’ most easily first of all on the physical plane. That’s very specific. When that experience isn’t there, then you begin all too easily to think about the universal being and so on. But that’s just an abstraction, a theoretical idea. No, it’s about your own concrete being-sphere, the ‘being’ that you physically experience.

Is the ‘being’ then the bodily being?
Can you experience ‘being’ any other way? How does it feel?  That ‘being’? What is that ‘being’? A feeling energy! In normal everyday life you constantly experience it bodily. But you can experience it on all the different subtle levels.

Because you experience feelings internally, do you call them bodily? 
Feelings have to do with your own bodily sphere. The body is nothing more than a scale of feeling energies.

That has nothing to do with the experience of being?
You bet it does.  How else do you experience it?

Ultimately there is only one being, so it must certainly be so.
Just as you made fists of your hands, you felt your hands. After a shower you can feel your whole body and your being-sphere, that you clearly feel and are, and this has the tendency to expand. This expansion is more concretely experienced when you are directly focused on a rarefied level. You should experience the non-duality very clearly on a rarefied level, as clearly as the way in which you experience your body and the world in everyday life. Otherwise the being-experience never becomes stable and clear. Then the dualistic reality easily returns. What do you do when you don’t know what reality is? Am I dreaming right now? I pinch myself – oh yes, I feel that pain. This is reality, because I experience it physically. That’s how it works.

But what does that have to do with being-experience?
Isn’t that the experience of your own existence, that you ‘are here’ ? That being-experience becomes the being-experience of non-duality. When the non-dual experience isn’t that concrete, its reality is immediately gone the moment you reopen your eyes. You feel a small pain in your beautiful and spacious meditation and so you are back once again to your old location in duality. Take a look to clearly see what has the strongest character of reality.

The rarefied levels don’t have a strong reality.
So, you will need to experience non-duality increasingly on rarefied levels even more clearly than when you are in your body, looking out at things as if from a distance.  When that isn’t so, then the dualistic reality is there once again when you open your eyes.

But shouldn’t the reality become one whole?
Yes of course, that’s clear when you release your physical forms, those that you think of as solid. But through that the being-experience of the freedom of forms should be very clear. Otherwise it quickly disappears once again. Even if you have a sense of non-duality, if the practical experience is not strong enough, not sufficiently aware, it hardly has an effect.

As you become clearly aware of the non-duality, which is to say, as you become totally open physically, then the world, when it returns, is completely unproblematic. Then the world isn’t so powerful as to bring you back into a body and into a dualistic reality.

Ask yourself once again: how is it with me?