When you no longer hold on to yourself there is an endless relaxation.

Advaita Post, Volume 10 No. 5

Shift your point of view and perspective
until all your positions have been released.



Introduction and talk on March 15, 2009 Bruges

Notes by Danny

Observe the process of opening and closing in yourself, so that you get to know it. Clarity is necessary for that. Only in clarity do you see how these processes work. Then you no longer go along unconsciously into a closure and openness can actually breakthrough.

You experience the open space most easily on the level of consciousness. Everybody has consciousness, everyone is being-awareness. In consciousness a wider sphere is present. Go along with the expansion of consciousness. Let your consciousness spread to the horizon around you. As you go along into that expanded consciousness, you become free from restrictive viewpoints; you break open. No one is stuck in any one particular point of view. There is a fundamental freedom. Confirm that in your own experience. You’re not stuck in a body, you have broken open into being-awareness.

On the level of witness-consciousness the identification with a person is broken through for the most part, but still there is a position. The point of view of the witness can also break open. Then there is only an infinite openness. It is the absence of all viewing points. All separations disappear. Also the separation between inside and outside is gone. The witness dissolves into the greater space. Inner becomes outer, and outer inner. Self-being appears to be universal. It is literally present everywhere. You are present everywhere as self-being, the self of everything and everyone.

Hear the sound of the church bells. You yourself are the sound of the clock from inside-out. You are also the sun and the others from inside-out. You are the self of everything and everyone. There is an endless relaxation when you no longer hold on to yourself.

Children are not strongly fixed to a particular point of view. But children don’t yet have a discerning consciousness. Therefore they can easily go along with someone else’s construction.

In being-awareness there is space, infinite space. Completely go with yourself into the expansion of self-being. Then you are the self of others. People are fundamentally open and their reality is too. Therefore, psychology can’t completely determine a definitive human structure and assess natural laws of functioning. There are no fixed data. With the human being reality is completely open. There is no fixed identity. You are yourself without identity.  Something inexpressible remains: free and without separations. It has no basis, it’s groundless and non-dual.

Remain with an open being. Ask yourself to what extent a wider sphere is possible. See this on all levels. Being-awareness is infinite, but only if you don’t impose restrictions on it. Self-being is infinite only if there are no contractions present. In itself being-awareness is infinite, it can’t be restricted. Relax and let yourself as feeling-being-awareness return to yourself.

Always be aware of your own situation. Is there a limitation present, observe it and see that you are larger than that limitation. Everyone is basically free, that means nobody is stuck anywhere. If you think you are stuck it’s an illusory belief.

You are one hundred percent free. Freedom has nothing to do with conditioning.

There is no conditioning in self-being. Primarily you are totally free.  Be aware of your original freedom. The freer you remain, the smoother everything goes.


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