Let yourself fall, then there is surrender.

Advaita Post, Volume 10 No 6

You affirm: it is the one life that awakens


Introduction and talk on March 15, 2009 Bruges – Part 2

Notes by Danny

How was it with yourself during the midday break? To what extent did the expansion remain? To what extent did a limitation return? In clarity you determine what’s going on with yourself. In clarity it’s clear when the relaxation stops, then you descend into your automatic processes. In clarity you can return to the openness in yourself. Ask yourself to what extent the expansion still continues. In clarity you also confirm that the relaxation is infinite, without restriction.

In relaxation, there is a release of what you previously have grasped. You firmly hold on to yourself, primarily, as first person. As first person, let yourself fall, then there is surrender.

When the relaxation becomes infinite, the “I”-activity stops. This surrender in an aware sphere is decisive for liberation.

The trust that is necessary for the surrender is already there. You have infinite trust that when you go to sleep at night you will awaken in the morning. When you sit down, you have an infinite trust in the chair; you have no fear that you will fall through it. You can totally let go into this infinite trust.

Surrender is important for liberation to realize itself. In surrender nothing is held on to any longer. Let the release work through in a lucid way on all levels. Let the worry about yourself go. You no longer hold on to yourself.

Everything opens up in the clarity and no restriction needs to come. You are aware of the unlimited openness. This is a different kind of consciousness than the awareness of something. It is an internal knowledge of the unboundedness.

In the infinite relaxation there is an infinite rest. Be infinitely relaxed in being-awareness. As the witness-consciousness is released, you, as being-awareness, become completely open. The duality of observer and observed disappears. Simultaneously, you are all and nothing. Even the quality of infinite being-awareness dissolves in the absolute, without qualities. In clarity you have knowledge of it.

You can recognize your original openness, your own openness. A teacher can help you with that.  He will ask you: are you aware of yourself? To what extent are there any restrictions?  To what degree are you open?

The ultimate release means the death of the personal life. You are eternal being. Self-being is not subject to birth or death. In the unlimited self-being everything is complete.

Remain yourself and let everything come open within it.  Liberation is not about staying in seventh heaven, however beautiful it may be. This seventh heaven should also break open.

The stronger you hold on to that which you resist releasing, the darker is the night of the soul. When you can release easily and go in the direction of the light of God, there doesn’t need to be a dark night of the soul. It’s a total release.

With the emergence of fear, be aware of the greater area of self-being. Stay with the highest understanding that you are a part of the larger whole. Know that you are the whole space. Then the fear dissolves as if by itself.

When everything is open, time and space do not exist. By staying lucid, everything can remain open. If you become foggy the openness will disappear, so just let everything stay open as much as possible and remain lucid.

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