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In freedom there is no concern for the ‘I’ any longer.
November 24, 2009

Advaita Post, Volume 10, Number 19

Entrance to the Advaita Center: Open your being

Entrance to the Advaita Center:
Open your being

Text Satsang

From a talk on Sunday, November 15, 2009 in Bruges

Notes by Danny

Usually your awareness is a focused attention upon an object. The focus of your attention during daily activities goes everywhere. That form of attention is a narrowing of consciousness; it’s a self-tension.

When you quietly sit, your attention turns back to its source. Then there is a return to yourself. The focus of attention turns back to its source in yourself. This causes an expansion and a deep relaxation.

That’s exactly what happens when you fall asleep, but you’re usually not aware of it. During sleep you return to yourself and you sink off in a pleasantly deep relaxation. If you stay internally alert there, then you know that it is an opening of infinite dimensions.

Return to the infinite relaxation in clarity. Through the relaxation every separation disappears. In your more expansive sphere, you discover that conditioning isn’t necessary. Your whole being sphere becomes universally open in a refined way. There is a turning within and an opening in the meditative sphere. Then there is nothing more to say about the self other than it is open; it’s an open sphere of being-awareness and bliss.

Take a look at how it is with yourself. When do you feel most yourself?

By returning to yourself you experience a relaxation. Confirm that very clearly.

Everyone regularly has that being-experience. Only, if you’re not aware of it, it’s very fleeting. Be internally aware of your own situation.

Let all phenomena go in the openness of yourself. Your physicality is often gone; now and then it comes back up again. Then it’s clear: your physical situation is very relative. From self-being it’s also clear that time can arise and disappear once again. See the relativity of the space-time paradigm. You yourself are not imprisoned by time and space. Your self-being is a higher reality that is free from it.

You, yourself, are universal. You are yourself in that infinite space.

Turn the attention inwards, bring the object to the subject, to the source of attention, the core of yourself. Then an expansion happens and the disappearance of separations. With the return to yourself all contradictions and conflicts resolve. Take care that you don’t get caught back up in structures once again.

Primarily there is a self-being that is open and relaxed. Secondarily there are the forms and structures. Don’t lose yourself within them. Let your self-being remain open. Then the forms remain transparent. Your reality is not limited by time and space. Recognize the wonderful openness. Clearly confirm this infinite free-being. Stay in the state of wonderful openness.

Thus the old identity disappears. The belief in a limited identity is an illusion. Whatever happens, take care that you don’t identify with anything, don’t limit yourself. Stay within that pleasant relaxation.

When there is pain, don’t confine yourself to that pain, but stick to your greater self-being. Don’t identify with the pain. The pain is certainly there, but you are not that pain.

If you have identified with your body, then you are susceptible to blackmail via your body. If you are free, then you are also free of physical identity.

Stick to the universal presence and don’t limit yourself. In freedom there is no concern any longer for the ‘I’. In freedom there are no selfish motives any longer. There, where the personal structure disappears, miracles happen.


It’s a different kind of knowing: it’s the internal affirmation of your own origin.
November 9, 2009

Advaita Post, Volume 10, Nr 18

White and blue

The November air is open

and shines with a glistening low

white sun and very still blue.

The open sea basks in low sun

and radiates upward

glistening white and very still blue.

Silent white and blue radiates in

silent white and blue.

Three swans glide forth

silent white in blue.

Joy radiates open:

self-being, the low sun

glistening white and very still blue.


Text Satsang

From a talk in Gouda May 27, 2009 Part 2: Confirmation is not thinking

Visitor: The confirmation of the openness is important, but isn’t this confirmation just an idea?

Douwe: You imagine this from an old pattern: when I affirm anything “this is so and that is so” then it’s a judgement from a personal viewpoint, on the level of  “I think”. Descartes went along with that: “I think therefore I am”. But if you go just a little bit deeper in your consciousness, you see that the real confirmation has already occurred much earlier, without thinking. You affirm something: oh, so that’s it, and afterwards there’s the thought. When you’re alert, you see that thought always comes afterwards. It’s always too late, but still it’s considered to be the most important. Even though there are thought structures, people see it as the whole truth. That’s just rationalization. But previous to that there is something already affirmed that you can become aware of: oh, so that’s it.

The affirmation is direct. It’s a reflection without any means of the phenomena that arise. The structure and nature of the situation then is immediately obvious. We call this insight. On the level of insight many personal patterns have already disappeared. The self-being then is more of a witness-consciousness and has a greater clarity.

Of course on the mental level there can still be an elaboration of the affirmation using language, but it’s always inadequate and distorting of the direct affirmation. Take a look at aspects of your own self-being. With the confirmation of the blank state it’s very clear. When it’s there, and then later you experience yourself once again as a physical person, that blank state is “nothing”. The events and the blank state are situated on one timeline. Then thought says: “I just had a blackout, there was nothing.” But if you are aware in the blank state, then everything revolves around that. Then you confirm: there is always the blank state and it has nothing to do with time. Within it, the various limited situations of self-being arise. Take a look at your youth as you grew up and your “I think” continually changed. The construction of the world from the “I think” is so very relative.

Becoming aware in the blank state is clarity on a very pure level of insight (buddhi), which is to say, that then the personal conditionings disappear almost entirely. You shouldn’t confuse this with becoming silent on the I-level, because you experience that if you doze off or go to sleep. No, there must be a great inner clarity if you want to experience that blank state from the inside out and avoid the return of the old situation. No, it’s the clarity that precedes both activity and drowsiness.

Therefore the inner knowledge of the blank state is very different than the knowledge of an external situation. It is a knowing that exists very deep in your own self-being. You are yourself there and you confirm that within it there are no forms, only being-awareness. From the internal clarity there is the affirmation: that’s it. People say they don’t know what the dreamless sleep is, because they can’t come to it. No, it’s not possible to come to it in a dualistic manner. From an “I want” you go searching for an object-situation with forms. The point is that this is not about going towards such a situation and towards forms. It’s exactly these forms that are completely gone. So it’s a different kind of knowing: it is the internal affirmation of your own origin. So it’s not a knowledge of something else, of something. This kind of knowledge has no specific type of object-content. It’s really about a being-knowledge, in which your consciousness and the being of which you are aware, merge together in a knowing-being or a being-consciousness.