The direct path of insight means a complete surrender.

Advaita Post, Volume 10 Number 20

Advaita Post 10-20

From a talk given in Bruges on Sunday, November 15, 2009 (Part 2, conclusion)

Notes from Danny

In principle, self-being is free from the limitation of forms. It is universally open and in the openness everything happens naturally. No choices are made. Knowing and acting are a matter of course. Only a limited self makes choices. It’s just an illusion to think that you are the master of life. In self-being it’s clear what needs to be done. I myself am free and life lives itself.

Return to turning within, bring the attention back to its origin and return to the infinite relaxation, in openness and clarity. When the relaxation continues infinitely then the ‘I’-person disappears. All structures and patterns disappear. Experience the groundless openness clearly and internally without borders, without duality.

Self-being is the first person, you are that. It is universal and without separations. There is nothing more natural than relaxed presence. It is your intrinsic nature. Return home to the relaxed state without separations. The ‘I’-center doesn’t exist any longer. You see the clouds and you are the clouds. Self-being appears to be universal.

When the center-focused forces dissolve, the ego disappears. The feeling and the consciousness are freed.  In the further opening, there’s no grasping any longer. Everything is loose and free.  Recognize that. It is about an awareness of what has always been there. When you look more expansively, then you see the illusion of the ‘I’ and the importance of that which you once thought to be so important. Experience the feeling of becoming totally open. Then that process continues further. Stay in your highest lucidity in order to affirm that.

In the return of attention to the origin, in the coming open, in the wholeness, it’s clear. This reality of self is the reality. This is the reality. This is freedom without the presence of a person.  It’s about this direct insight.

It’s immediately obvious. You see it immediately when something attracts your attention. You see through the relativity of things. When forms come, they are free. They have no magic power any longer to catch you, they can’t tempt you anymore. You see through the illusion of forms. Forms and structures no longer have you in their grasp. You are free.

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