When you see the threatening maya as your own maya, the threat is gone.

Advaita Post, Volume 11 No. 6

Advaita Post 11 05

Maya: yourself


 The inexpressible

Can the experience of that which lies beyond the scope of language be transferred? Can anything about the boundless openness which falls outside of  human experience be clarified?

These are the immediate questions from people: why should you bother about it; why would you want to achieve it; is’t it an escape from a life that brings sometimes beautiful and sometimes less beautiful events; by doing so don’t you withdraw from your responsibilities?

The answer is that it’s not a issue for the ‘I’-person; the individual ego is not involved in it; the movement towards  it takes place through a suction force that is much greater. In that motion, the boundaries of your own worldly existence and of the human world are transcended. This transition is the death of the ‘I’-person and the loss of his/her world. It’s that radical. It  has nothing to do with the wish to stop the suffering. It happens, or it doesn’t happen. For as long as the world appears, it remains very relative and there is no ‘I’ any longer that is conditioned by it. To talk in terms of a person and a world refers only to the situation when it is experienced by individuals.

Something further can be clarified but only for those who have a certain sense of this openness. There should already be some sense of it, so that the understanding can grow. Pointing it out happens particularly well without words. If words are useful, they refer only to the orientation, attitude and understanding which can facilitate the transition. The full realization is possible only when there is the sense of openness as something that you always already are.

When there is no sense of that boundless open-being which is transcendent to everyday life, and when the words are understood in the conventional way, nothing can be revealed. Then there is just silence.

What happens, just happens, even the giving of instructions. Then they are just words. But nobody acts and gives meaning, because there is no ‘I’-person.


Text Satsang

From a talk on February 28, 2010 in Bruges (Part 2), notes by Danny

Liberation from maya

everything becomes relative from a more expansive experience. Birth, life and death seem relative. The ‘I’-worry is gone. The personal orientation is no longer there. When this process continues to develop, you experience universal freedom.

See through the subtle attachments and release them in an aware way. These attachments are tensions in your own self. The breaking opening of the self can be total.

Take care that the relaxation process continues. When the process stops, then return to an even deeper relaxation. It means a complete release of all restrictions in your individual sphere. Then the last inner demons dissolve.

Take a look at your own situation. Ask yourself how is it going. You are free and there is no real problem. There is a universal consciousness and bliss.

If you zoom in on a limited situation and dip into it, there doesn’t appear to be much of that spacious realm left over. See the absurdity of self-limitation.

Once you have limited yourself, all kinds of things display themselves as important. From a greater consciousness you can immediately see that those things aren’t really so important. It’s an illusion to believe in. You can immediately recognize everything which arises as important is relative.

That is the unmasking of maya. Everything that seems important, appears to be relative.

You give attention to something that you find important and immediately you become subject to it. It’s a problematic situation which contains much suffering. Recognize how the narrowing occurs. See through the mechanism. It loses its strength thereby.

When you find yourself trapped in the web of maya, return to the source of yourself. The self is unlimited. Be very clear internally so that you can confirm this. Only then will the realization become stable. It is the recognition of the fact “this is it”. It is a sober, practical confirmation, not an idea in your head. There is no doubt any longer. The last doubt has fallen away.

See exactly how the mechanism of doubt and fear works, how contraction arises. It is the contraction of yourself as a separated being in relation to that which you experience as threatening. The cramping makes the threat and fear even greater.

A great discernment is needed to see into what you are and what you are not. There is a sense of yourself as all-embracing. You are aware of yourself without any restrictive form. From that clarity you see the threatening forms as maya. You yourself are that maya. Then there is no threat any longer.

Be aware of yourself as universal openness All tensions automatically dissolve therein.

Don’t be distracted any more, don’t allow yourself to be confused.

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