You are infinite in your authentic open-being; so then just let go of everything of others and yourself in that infinity.

Advaita Post, Volume 11 No 8

Advaita Post 11-08

What is your origin, what is your destination?



From an talk on March 17, 2010 in Gouda

Spring Experience (Part 2)

[Too bad, the full flowering of the spring experience (see Advaita Post #11-7) has come to an end.]

Visitor: Aren’t you bound by your genes?
Douwe: What do you receive from that belief? Here we are staying with your authentic experience. Do you understand that?

That you want to perpetuate life, also in others, and so for that you do inquiry and acquire knowledge.
Knowledge is great, but never let it gain precedence. The most  important context remains the authentic experience.  When doctors remain stuck in just their medical thinking then problems can arise in its application to human beings. Always see for yourself what’s going on with your own authentic experience. When it’s there, you confirm that it’s direct, that there is no distance between yourself as observer and the observed. There’s nothing in between. Therefore it is a being-experience. When you really go along with that experience, everything opens up.

The authentic experience can take place anywhere. We were just talking about the budding of nature. So, the start is: enjoy it. When you can enjoy it, what does that enjoyment mean? If you immediately start thinking from the perspective of all your biological knowledge, the enjoyment falls short. If you keep it just on the “I think it’s great and therefore it’s important”, the enjoyment continues to be relative. No, only when the enjoyment continues by itself, the ‘I’ and the ‘I think’ disappears. Again, if you have an idea of an ‘I’ on one side and something ‘other’ on the other side, which you enjoy, then the enjoyment is short lived. Because the ‘I’ that experiences itself is in time, so the enjoyment is also in time. Moments later it’s gone. Then the circumstances change and the ‘I’ finds other things that it wants to give its attention to. No, when the enjoyment is allowed to unfold itself, it’s direct, it’s one hundred per cent; there is no separation between yourself and that which you enjoy. It’s without  time, free of conditions. There remains just enjoyment as an original being-experience without a specific structure. That is universal joy.

You say it in a way like, “why don’t you all see that!”
But isn’t it a shame that you close yourself off from a great opportunity for  enlightenment by your thinking? Everyone goes outside and finds it beautiful. Now, it’s that simple. Nice, also that you can locate it in principle. When you have recognized something about what happens when you step outside, then when you disappear into the cosmic enjoyment you just let it happen.

See the possibility and see what the essence of it is. Can that essential continue?

So the problem is the reflexive state of mind that you have as an adult. That thinking which leads you astray. I had it last week, for example. Everything was just about a perfect dance, but then I immediately thought: “This is it, and I must try to keep it that way.”
That was the serpent, Satan, who spoke. Then you fall out of paradise.

My youngest child has that precise open experience. Only he doesn’t know it, and so he stays in it quite comfortably. But our problem lies in our thinking.
So the problem can only disappear from your conscious situation. Because you have knowledge of the open being-experience and the problems that occur whenever thinking pops back up, you can continue to stay focused on that authentic experience. That is possible from your consciousness, because you have knowledge of how the mechanism works. If then you still go along with all sorts of judgments and thoughts, you can still recognize it. Then you know what happens and you can direct yourself into that open sphere of experience once again in a conscious manner. Stay right there. Then that other may still be whining somewhere out there in the background, but eventually it goes away. What matters is that you hold onto the right orientation. The internal and external forces that work upon it and which you want to restrict through the various forms of concepts and ideas, can’t continue, just because you don’t go there. It requires great clarity, but it’s worth it.

It also demands a certain kind of innocence that you have to keep in position one way or another.
Yes, an innocence that you – given the precarious state of mind in adults – apparently need to promote in a deliberate manner. In the book ‘Management and non-duality’ I have spoken about “conscious naiveté”. You have an original naivety with children but they aren’t aware of it. When adults appear to be naive, people say, “Don’t be so naive.”

It’s often said about me.
See how valuable it is to stay naïve in a conscious way. You’ll certainly notice that sometimes you get caught by others, but in general, that is far less important than continuing to stay in the open sphere. And that is what’s most important, just stay naive, that is, open, egoless, in a conscious manner. For the rest, just let them figure it out for themselves.

When you are aware of your open direct experience, you’ll see very quickly what happens. You no longer interact in the old way. You let go of the impulses and ideas that you would use against the various forces, being assertive, etc.. That’s just no longer necessary. No, there is a reversal of the whole situation, a totally different perspective, since you can remain in the open sphere of experience in a conscious manner. Then you see with great clarity that others make things unnecessarily complicated and want to involve you in it. You see how much they are trapped in restrictive concepts. From the limited thinking consciousness people say disapprovingly: “He’s a little naïve”. But, once there is that reversal of perspective, you see what’s really going on in regards to being limited and unlimited.

I heard the story of a married couple where the woman was very open and the man wanted to be the most important. The woman said, “Okay, so then you decide.” So she did things according to her place. Look at the orientation: you can have a clash of egos, but when it has become very open, then there is hardly any self-interest any longer. The one may then decide and regulate everything in the external world and people might say: “She lets herself be used.” No, absolutely not. This woman saw through it and said, “Go ahead, never mind, because I love you.” Wonderful, right? After her death, her diary revealed just how enlightened she really was.

Through the recognition you receive more and more knowledge of what it means to stay more open and you also receive the affirmation that it can. Just have trust in it, stay naively aware. Most people are afraid of this: “Then I would be contributing to my own foolishness”. The point is that you return to your own self which seems to be universal. The stability of self-being appears to be a universal stability. Compare that with the situation in which you’re looking for stability through external appearances, in your behavior, your workplace personality, in your physical appearance. See how unstable that is. Machos are the most unstable of people. Isn’t that right?

If I am aware of the openness and the other isn’t, it’s difficult.
If you find it difficult, then apparently you’re not quite as open as you think.

I often see things in other people that are so stupid.
That’s not a real problem. Grant the other person his stupidity.

Isn’t the authentic openness infinite? So then release into the infinite everything of others and of yourself. If one person is open and the other still has all kinds of ‘I’-tensions, for the open one is there still a problem? Just stay in that openness.

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