No matter what happens, stay consciously present in that inclusive original. 

Volume 12 No. 2

You’re not in the funnel.

You are the whole space.

[Towards the Openness p.70]


When there is a more spacious consciousness, more is known and this knowledge is truer than the knowledge that comes with a limited consciousness.

As being-awareness you are the whole space. Then you confirm directly that this is a higher truth than the limited truth that you are your body.


When forms fall away,

Look, so much love is released

Long concealed in the heart

It flows overwhelmingly outward

Now that forms fall away.

So even if there are forms

the love can still flow infinitely on.

See, in the heart of everyone

you are yourself as love.

With and without forms there is

this open loving unity.


Satsang Text

From a talk with Douwe Tiemersma – Advaita Center Gouda, January 12, 2011

Letting go of your last position

Tonight as always we’re back to the essence. Can you come along and release your viewpoint?  For years I’ve spoken about this, more from a mental level, in order to explain exactly how things work. Enough of that. Now it really comes down to yourself.  Can you, in a conscious way, go along with it so that your last perspective disappears?

Remain very clearly aware in the open space. That’s where it will happen. Recognize the movement, recognize the development: a steadily increasing expansion, a greater clarity of consciousness. That great clarity will need to remain, because you will enter into increasingly subtle dimensions. Let the movement proceed by itself. The deeper layers of your own self-being, though incarnated, are extremely subtle. Remain alert with yourself in your own aware being, in that great space. Then the process will develop. Then let it proceed, totally. That process stops only when a limitation comes from your consciousness. More and more layers of your limited self fall away. At a certain point there is nothing left to fall away.

Do you see that every restriction of your consciousness, which arises when you focus on something specific, also immediately delivers a point of view and with it a limited identity? When the last anchor goes, the last identity disappears. So if you don’t fix yourself somewhere there is just openness.

Things go wrong when you dive into some part of creation and get stuck there. Then there is duality. So stay consciously present in that original, that comprehensive, whatever happens. What happens in creation is dependent upon all the factors therein. And apparently it must happen like that. So remain aware in this original openness. Don’t get distracted. What’s more important than that?

Notice what happens when you come near to that Great. Aren’t all remnants of self-limitation wiped away? That is surrender: when you let that happen and don’t grasp onto the old, limited things. So don’t pose any more questions from the mental level. You have already seen for yourself that these questions only have to do with all the difficulties that already your thinking creates. Through returning to the original openness directly there is much more space; thinking diminishes and disappears. The consciousness is direct and primary; things are immediately determined within it without separation. That’s what it’s about.

Once again: in the transition towards the release of your viewpoint, there is an incredibly alert consciousness, an extremely high intensity of being-awareness. Stay alert and you see that the process of purification and surrender proceeds radically. Recognize that process, so that you can stay with it and it can proceed by itself. It can simply be a dissolution, an evaporation. It can also be that you experience it as a burning up of everything that must still be purified. Let it proceed, up to and including the core of your viewpoint.

Beginning from all those things that are there, confirm for yourself: nothing is left over. When it’s clear once, then you see that it has absolutely nothing to do with ‘nothing’ and ‘something’. It’s of a totally different order. It’s from the order where speech and thought have nothing to say. The final standpoint disappears, even that of the global being-sphere.

Stay in this highest clarity. Then the liberation is absolute. Nothing more. Remain with this essential, with this supreme knowledge. Whatever must still happen goes by itself.



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