When you are fully and directly focused on your origin you instantaneously shoot through all processes and the path is immediate.

Volume 13 No. 3

Advaita Post 13 03

See how your whole visual world is constructed?
What is your conclusion about the world and yourself?


As long as there is a limitation in your life

expansion is possible,

a transcendence of boundaries

to greater openness.


So continually see your limits and

the space beyond them.

Go along with that orientation and

 don’t stop.


Then the motion shoots through

into infinity and origin

where no limits exist.

Then only can there be limits

which don’t restrict.

Then there is differentiation

without separations.


Text Satsang

From a talk with Douwe Tiemersma, Groningen, October 9, 2011

Advaita as a direct path

Douwe: Fundamentally, Advaita is a direct path. You go back to your origin and you say: yes, that’s it. You can say this through a direct insight. In energetic yoga there is also a certain notion of the direct path. In classical yoga scripture you will find the statement: yes, this is a yoga book, but it’s only for people who are misguided and can’t follow the direct path. So they must follow the path of means, of exercises.

Visitor: Even though you have already seen it in a direct way, isn’t there still a certain kind of cleansing? Doesn’t that just proceed?

The more you remain in your origin, the less the rest is still a factor. Sure there can still be a purification process continuing, but when you remain in that original source, it hardly matters any more. Secondly, when you stay with it, you see that these kinds of processes go very quickly. The more you stay in it, the faster the dissolving processes go.

The more I go into this openness, the more clearly I see where my dark side holds out. It doesn’t get any easier, quite the contrary.

Of course, that area of yourself that you couldn’t see before becomes visible from the origin, especially the subtler areas. That will certainly happen. But the fact remains that the more you continue in this openness, the faster the process goes. Whatever should dissolve, does.

Through relaxation the clarity increases and therefore you can more easily see what lies beneath, allowing even more clarity to come …

Yes, you can experience that. Then you will certainly need to stay present there: this is a new situation and this again is a new awareness. That’s usually how you experience your spiritual growth. Of course it can also happen that you’re still stuck somewhere or that you’ve even regressed a little.

An attachment can still arise.

You have that up to the end. When there is universal bliss, the ‘I’ says that it is happy there: I’d like to stay here. Many people have experienced it like that. They say: isn’t it beautiful? For me that further radicalising impulse is no longer necessary.

When it really proceeds there is a sense of movement, of expansion of the self-being which at first was more limited. That experience of expansion always brings a great feeling of joy. Conversely, you can also say: wherever there is joy there is expansion. Every joy comes from expansion. Everyone seeks joy and happiness. They all look for that expansion. And when you have seen through this mechanism you say: everything can be taken away from me because this lucid space is the most important. Then you let yourself totally slide into the lucid space and there is the direct path of enlightenment.

Can’t you still accomodate all kinds of personal things?

In that motion it may be that you notice that there is still emotional pain for example, but you can proceed through it, to your center. That’s also true with mandalas. With all mandalas you have more external and more internal layers. The most important meditation is the meditation on the point in the center. So you continue on through all the existing layers, into the center, the bindu. Subject and object coincide with each other there. It is a movement which accompanies the expansion we were just talking about. With the expansion this aspect of returning to your center is also very important. That’s the image of the kosha’s. The incarnated self is surrounded by all kinds of veils. Initially then, you have the thick, heavy veils of matter everywhere you look. Underneath them you have some lighter veils of your energies, your emotions, mental energies, and so on. But precisely because you have entered in with your clarity your heavy veils fall away. And the deeper you go the more falls away, until you are in your core, in your most pure self, which has been confined there. When you do that with your insight body, there is the recognition of your Self. That is enlightenment. So this takes place in the exact center of yourself. It is there. The more you go into your center – in this model – the more space there is, and less heaviness. You continually let go, you dive deeper into it, you release more and more, all the pieces that still contain a chunk of limited self being. The self becomes liberated through the functioning of your consciousness. That’s the idea of Shiva who, as consciousness, enters the dark area and illumines everything. He then coincides with the being, Shakti, so that subject and object come together (see “Chakra Yoga – experiential knowledge and liberation of the living energies and bodies). When you are fully and directly focused on your origin, you instantaneously shoot through all these processes and the path is immediate.


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