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The English translation of Non-Dualiteit, de grondeloze openheid, now has a confirmed publishing date of November 30, 2012. It will be printed under the Mantra imprint of John Hunt Publishing of the U.K. and will soon be available in a number of off and online bookstores around the English speaking world.

Non-Duality, the groundless openness

Recognize the essential, non-dual nature of your own experience.

Written by Douwe Tiemersma, student of Nisargadatta Maharaj and teacher of Advaita Vedanta in the Netherlands for 30 years,  Non-Duality, the groundless openness, is a comprehensive sourcebook, pointing in an incisive and precise way to the eternal truth that is always, already present within the experienced reality of the reader. Douwe’s knowledge of the traditional texts of Vedanta is introduced as necessary, while his full versed and integrative knowledge of the Western arts and sciences provides yet another bridge for the contemporary seeker after truth. This book is well suited to anyone who has been pursuing any form of spirituality for a long period of time, one who is ready to grasp the purest essence of their own longing without any sacrifice of rational intelligence.


Read this book, see who you really are, and discover you are part of a world-wide ‘satsang’ – a growing circle of friends who are enjoying the truth that sets us free. 

– Richard Lang, Author, The Headless Way


This is an excursion through the world of nonduality. Douwe Tiemersma steers you through alleys of advaita, into Nisargadatta’s room, from question mark to question mark, to the corners and turns of his spiritual biography, and into the experiences of witness-being and self-being.

– Jerry Katz,


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