Unity and goodness become evident when you relinquish your position as observer.

Advaita Post Volume 13 No 17

The mirror is always there: reflexive consciousness


Dhan Gopal Mukerji

You are the Path

You are the Path,

And the Goal that is never reached by paths;

You are the lawful Lord,

In which all laws dissolve

As rivers in the sea.

This, I say, is silence,

A return to the origin,

Or, better yet, a return

To the will of God,

A return to what is permanent;

I call this enlightenment,

And to not know this

Is blindness which causes harm.

But when you know

That which never changes,

Then you have found your own shape

And that brings justice along with it.

Justice is royal

And royalty is divine

And divinity is the Path

That ultimately is.

Further Reading: Classical texts [not translated]


Positive sounds

Emails have been coming in, not only with problems and questions, but also with many positive messages. These weren’t included in the Advaita Post or put on the website because before you know it you’re in the arena of advertising for an individual business.

Still, maybe it’s good just to show something of the breakthroughs that occur, if only because this can function in a stimulating and inspiring way for others. These are two examples.

“From this depth the world is

just an outer shell.

My core

is free of it there.

What a wonderful discovery.

That which I really am,

has nothing to do with life and death.

Oh, so wonderful.

I’m not this shell.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

It is so moving

to know what I am

free from the form,

subtly present in the world of being.

So that’s how it is … ”

“… I think your teaching has performed miracles. Everything has become LUCID, but also totally normal. It’s as though you’re living in two worlds that intermingle and are one. …

In the last 30 days I have RADICALLY done what Douwe told me to do, experience your bodily feeling-consciousness as INFINITE space. Just do THIS and stop with all the chatter in your head …. THEN THE GREAT SELF takes over from there with MUCH GREATER AWARENESS. NOW it actually goes by itself. IT is Knowing WITHOUT THINKING!!!!, much faster than your tiresome puttering and you really have no interest in that any more; you’d much rather stay unfocussed … ABSORBED in the whole SUBTLE!

I still thought like the other teachers say, that you couldn’t do ANYTHING; actually what bullshit… “


Text Satsang

An Advaita talk with Douwe Tiemersma, Schiermonnikoog, June 20, 2012

Insight only on the level of consciousness is still not realization

Many people have difficulty with the transition from the observer’s point of view to a totally open sphere of infinite being. We have already confirmed that the transition happens by itself because there is no longer an ‘I’ that can do something. But that naturally occurring process will only take place when you have truly stabilized at the perspective of the observer. If you are easily distracted, you’re right back to the mental or material viewpoint. So stay in the spacious sphere of that perceiving consciousness. Of course that consciousness is already infinite, but still there’s always an observing viewpoint and an object space in which things appear.

You will want to remain on level of the observer for a long time, until you become aware of yourself anew there and the process continues. That only happens when you find it to be the most important. If other things are more important to you, your attention is focused there and there’s a concentrated, focused form of consciousness. Invariably when you have become distracted by something in the outside world or internally in your mind, you again have the old restrictive situation in which you’re stuck to a small, limited location. Gradually you come to know the value of remaining on the level of the observer. When you have recognized how important and valuable it is, then you can always stay there. Then that is the most important for you. Then the further release goes by itself.

Many people surely find this interesting, it fits into their lifestyle, but fundamentally nothing changes. It needs to be total for something fundamental to change. What does that mean? It needs to totally come into the fore. I can refer to it and it remains to be seen whether it occurs. But I can certainly say that those who have ever really gone along with this process of total breakthrough had that attitude. Because this was the most important, the rest could fall away. Despite all the interest in advaita the number of people who have actually proceeded is very small – because it requires everything. Who is ready for that? It will just be apparent. So it’s all connected to your orientation. This sphere of your orientation is more important than the content of your action within that sphere. The way in which you are and the way in which you do things is more important than what you do. At a certain moment it no longer matters what you do. But you will need to be totally present in that process.

Could you go a little deeper into the importance of insight and total involvement?

First insight will need to be there, the recognition of what is most important to you. You will have to get to know it, but initially it’s not present in a stable manner. When you remain alert, it can stabilize. Through this you will increase your outlook on the level of clear insight: This. It doesn’t take place on the level of mental consciousness. Mental consciousness is always mediated by all different kinds of ideas, thoughts, words, patterns. You withdraw and see these patterns from the level of insight. From there you confirm directly what’s important and what’s not important. You’re not reasoning from the mental level. Ask yourself: what about myself? This sphere with this external view through which I see everything, that’s my most important position. What I see is much less important than the way in which I see it. I am conscious on the level of insight.

Of course, there is also an emotional side. Clear consciousness by itself doesn’t have so much force. Something can certainly be confirmed, but it will need to become total. The whole feeling sphere will have to go along with it. You can say a hundred times that you are not the body, but whether that is actually realized is another thing. When the body falters and the end is in sight, then too don’t you easily say: of course, my own being isn’t dependent on what happens to the body? Insight only on the level of consciousness is still not realization. It will have to concern all aspects of yourself. It will need to be a very concrete experience. Of course the ordinary life, reasonably adapted to society, can continue more or less in the old way although a crack is always possible. But you are genuinely interested in how it goes, your actual attention, your heart is there in the reality of the great being-awareness. And of course that doesn’t correspond with what is commonplace within society. When you are grasped by the open sphere then the importance of all other things falls away. They are relative with respect to the one which then functions as the center.

This spacious sphere becomes the framework within which phenomena arise and can be accepted, in which life goes on. We all want to live together in a good way, everyone agrees with that. What does this ‘good’ mean for co-existence? It means that there is a feeling for each other and a togetherness. On a certain level there are no separations, there is a non-duality. Don’t focus on all the many details in which we differ, but focus increasingly on this non-duality. Then you will feel contact with it and the sphere will become steadily stronger. This non-duality doesn’t mean that everything is the same but rather that there is a unity which carries everything along. This unity, which is also goodness, becomes very evident when you relinquish your position as the observer.


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