Douwe Tiemersma

DOUWE TIEMERSMA January 7th, 1945 - January 3rd, 2013

January 7th, 1945 – January 3rd, 2013


It is with great sadness and yet even greater gratitude for his most profound insight into the very essence of knowing, being and loving, of life itself, that we regretfully announce the passing of Douwe Tiemersma from esophageal cancer.


Everything exists as light,

light that knows no boundaries;

therefore there is no shadow,

no trace in the transparency;

only a play of light.

You are, I am, that light,

Light that has its center everywhere;

universally we radiate from inside-out

unlimited, the wealth

of the light-play,

as long as it continues.


There is an opportunity to say goodbye to Douwe in the Advaita Center in Gouda on Friday, January 11 from 10:15 to 12:30. The doors will open at 10:15 am. To make the flow a little easier, please take this opportunity to keep your shoes on.

Around 11:30 am there will be a collected moment with a few words and then a short meditation. Furthermore, as much silence as possible. Given the limited space, please also use the upstairs room so everyone has the opportunity to be with Douwe a little bit. At about 12:30 pm, the room will be emptied again, as then Douwe will be brought to the funeral home.

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  1. Condolences to the family. There’s no doubt that Douwe lives on and on even while he is mourned and missed.

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