I’ll be there.

Advaita Post, Volume 14 No. 1


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From Chakrayoga:
I know how it continues in the great space.
I know my home and I’ve never left it.


Text Douwe


Text written by Douwe for the Retreat Day on December 28, 2010 which he was unable to attend because, just a few weeks previous to it, a cancerous tumor had been discovered in his esophagus on the edge of the stomach.

Let this be a day of joy,

Of deep joy in the experience of being one in freedom.

Within it there is also the freedom of attachments to the perishable body.

The body has its own constitution and laws.

Also with me there is such a body with strong genetic determinants.

The body is and remains a miracle and the incarnation is therein.

Still; I am free from the body, you are free from the body.

Therefore, the bodily life can continue in a natural way until the incarnation has lasted long enough.

Nothing is missing, everything is there, and therefore there is no longing.

I am and everything is there as universal unity, and therefore there is nothing to hold on to.

There is nothing else and therefore there is no resistance.

Everything is complete in the one non-duality.

No one and nothing can hold you back from this openness, therefore you are independent.

That is an aware self-reliance without any restriction, without condition; groundless openness.

The many letters, cards and emails also reflect this. I am very happy about that. The togetherness of the realization means a great joy. Its radiat love is beautiful.

So, let this be a day of joy, love and freedom.

I’ll be there with you.




On Friday, January 11, we said goodbye to Douwe at the Advaita Center. There was a beautiful and impressive sphere, full of attention and silence. Afterwards Douwe was brought to the funeral home for a gathering with family and guests.

In the period shortly before his death, Douwe announced that there would be no successor. It was his wish that some of the activities of Openness Foundation continue for the time being: the website, the Advaita Post, the teachers group, Advaita Publishing. The AYO (Advaita Yoga Teachers Training Foundation) , the JOI (Relaxation & Insight for Youth Foundation) and the Advaita Groups were already independent, so they can continue. The rent of the premises on the Fluwelensingel will be ended by February 1, 2014. The scheduled board meeting of 9 March (11.00) will proceed as planned.

A new contact team has been created for Advaita Groups. Jean-Pierre Verschuere is the coordinator.

The Board


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