In tranquil love every duality disappears

Advaita Post Volume 14 No. 13

Text satsang

An Advaita talk with Douwe Tiemersma, Schiermonnikoog, September 4, 2010

In tranquil love every duality disappears

Meditation is also always insight-meditation. In a spacious and clear consciousness things that are important to your own being-sphere reveal themselves. When they are revealed a further relaxation can arise: you affirm that you’re not stuck to those structures and also that they’re not always there. When you fully relax they’re not there. They only exist under certain circumstances. Then they come to the fore. You notice that they arise now and then and that they are absent now and then. We have looked at several circumstances where suddenly all the structures of the “I want this and I do that” can disappear. In fact, this happens quite often. For example when you have a particular role to play, when you perform a particular function. The idea of ​​a role is the taking on of an identity from which you act, from which you perceive. You also have the ability to play different roles. Who played that role? You are that, too. Apparently you’re not stuck to just one role. How do you look when you’re not attached to any particular role? Apparently there is an open realm of self-being which can suddenly take on this form. When your roles disappear, when your masks disappear, what’s left over?

Take a look at it: you return to yourself, previous to all these masks, previous to all these roles. There is an infinite depth, an infinite openness. So the point is that you can consciously keep your center of gravity there, that you can stay there, in spite of life proceeding. Being aware of this original openness, you can rest in it. When you identify with a role there is always tension. When you return to the openness there is no duality. When there is no duality there is no conflict. And when there is no conflict there is no suffering. Gradually you get more insight into who you really are. This relaxation, this expansion, brings joy. When you aren’t consciously present as openness, then you get a specification of the self with all the limitations that correspond to that specification. It’s an enclosed whole against other enclosed wholes; there is tension. The fundamental structure of the ‘I’ consists of tension with a focus on one’s own center. Because that has already been the case for so long in your life, the fate of that I-cluster has become your own fate. When that threatens to fall apart, the panic “I’m falling apart” arises. That ‘I’ has identified itself with a body. When the body degenerates and dies, you say, “Oh, oh, that’s really bad, because I’m going away, I’m dying”. When you are aware of your self-being as original openness that’s something which isn’t subject to those conditions. It is free of those conditions. There is a totally open being that precedes these conditions.

In Advaita it’s about a complete non-duality. That means: non-duality of all life energies. When that doesn’t happen spontaneously, it’s useful to still take a more detailed look. What does it mean for example when a very clear non-duality arises at the level of the heart? When you really go into it there that energy can expand.

Isn’t there also a tendency to usually share that with others?

It’s not so much a thing like “I want to share”. It happens automatically. When this heart energy is there it shares itself with others.

How strange then that you’re coming from yourself again.

No, you are yourself as heart energy. The essence is that there, you are yourself, in this heart energy and this heart energy will expand. You remain yourself. That’s the same on the level of consciousness when it opens: consciousness expands itself, you are still yourself within it. But through this expansion you become included in everything and everyone. It can still go a little further. In chakra yoga, you enter into the core of the heart chakra. You already are that, so there you get that movement back into the core, where everything comes together and from which everything opens.

It feels blank.

Yes, it is blank.

So no more heart energy?

The heart energy belongs precisely to the field of the chakra. When you go to the essence, to the core, then the foundation and the origin also seem to be there which, as original openness, is totally pure. So then you also see that love, which is very evident on the level of the heart energy, can be expanded and purified. By returning to that origin it becomes incredibly pure and quiet. You recognize that, even between two people, different forms of love are possible: warm love, but also an increasingly tranquil love which goes much deeper. Every duality disappears within it. And when you become aware there, it’s no longer difficult to accept anything whatsoever as yourself. This means that there is no duality.



Two English language videos of Douwe have been uploaded recently to You Tube.

One is of a 2012 SAND interview with Maurizio and Zaya.

The second is a voice-over translation of the last section of the last interview with Douwe before he died.


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