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Everything takes place in your own unlimited self-sphere
April 30, 2016

Advaita Post, Volume 17 No. 5


Text Satsang


From an Advaita talk with Douwe Tiemersma, November 10, 2004 in Gouda


Everything takes place in your own unlimited self-sphere


Why are we always still so focused on particular things?


Just confirm that that is the case and see the most important point of it. The focusing belongs to a limited form of self-being, a limited form of consciousness. Then you’re in the middle of a world full of separations. When you don’t define yourself as a person, in that place, sitting there, looking out from a body, you can determine how it is. Then you also determine that it’s only a learned behavior through which you structure the whole of reality, and also, that it can be different. Of course, you can say something about how the limitation arose in childhood, and so on, but you only have to deal with the situation as it is now. Become aware of your own situation now and see what happens: again and again you focus on the limited, on the differences. Just take a deeper look and ask yourself questions. Is that always so, is it necessarily so? What’s actually going on when I go deeper into myself to investigate these processes? Then you see very different things. So that’s the important point: that you are going to inquire by yourself and confirm things. Open your eyes and accept what you see. That’s how it is, apparently. Nothing needs to be done. Stay lucid, then later, you’ll see that it’s different. How is that possible? Because reality is constantly changing. Maybe you’ll also notice the tendency to hold on to one kind of reality as the reality. You say, for example, “Yes, now I really feel at one with everything, but I know I’m different from that and that.” Then you’re back to thinking. When you let go of your thinking and just see what is to be seen, the boundaries of your limited consciousness disappear.


We were just talking about that on our way over here today.


Then the relativity of your constructions will need to be clear. When you divide everything into compartments and maintain that separation, it takes an incredible amount of effort. When you just relax, this duality is not there. What is the natural situation now? In relaxation the distance disappears, everything comes down to you and goes straight through you. Everything is intertwoven with everything. You affirm that. There is no more to say about it. Your foundation, your fixed idea of ​​reality, “Me here, the others there”, “this is above and that is below”, and so on, isn’t so fixed at all. That fixed structure becomes fluid, the forms flow into one another and constantly change. That transition is a liberation from the rigid situation.


What’s the place of the body then?


The same applies to the body. That too, is a construction full of divisions. You’re not only fixed in mental concepts but also in bodily constructions. For example, when you start from an idea about the size and individuality of the body, you say, “I don’t want to have that other near me; he shouldn’t touch me.” But when you truly return to the sphere of your own body, those divisions on the physical plane seem to be absent. Just take a look: how big is the sphere of your body?


Everything … the sounds, everything sensibly perceived is located in the body.


But when you return to your body, you don’t speak about the senses. In the sphere of the body, things arise, also the things that you call sensual. I ask you again: how spacious is that body?


Well, when I close my eyes, it seems unlimited.


It did not seem so, but now you determine that it is unlimited. Everything happens therein.


In that unlimited?


Just take a look. You said it yourself: in my body. Of course, everything happens within it, because the body is unlimited.


And then the body disappears.


Yes, because it’s everything. Where are the limits? Gone. That’s what I meant.

So take a look on the bodily level. On a mental level, at a certain point, you think that everything is clear: we need to think holistically and so on. Which you can do. But you don’t get very far when the insight remains on the thinking level only. You can think and think about everything. So you’ll have to look further, also feeling-wise, more physically, where the limitations are less clear and more deeply ingrained.  There too, you will have to confirm very soberly and clearly: it is my self-sphere, which is infinite and everything takes place within it, in myself.