about Douwe Tiemersma

Douwe Tiemersma

Douwe Tiemersma

Douwe Tiemersma passed away on January 3, 2013.

Ever since his radical encounter with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj in 1980, he helped people recognize non-dual openness as the ground of their own existence. Due to his background in yoga he encouraged a relaxed, integrated bodily recognition. As such, he offered meditation, pranayama, hathayoga and chakra yoga to compliment the weekly satsangs which took place at the Advaita Center located in Gouda. The Advaita Posts published here on this blog comprise his ongoing teaching in the form of a monthly ezine. If you are interested to receive this teaching just click the Follow button at the bottom of this page. Even though Douwe is no longer physically with us there is no dearth of profound material still available.

In his professional life Douwe was a university level Biology teacher for many years, later becoming senior lecturer in Philosophical anthropology and Intercultural philosophy at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. In his personal life he was a loving husband, father and grandfather. And as an advaita teacher, scientist and philosopher he seamlessly integrated many aspects of both Eastern and Western arts and sciences in order to focus on a very practical being-recognition of non-duality.

Douwe was co-founder and for many years principal editor of the Dutch language magazine InZicht: wegen van radicaal zelf-onderzoek (InSight: Paths of radical self-inquiry). He has authored or co-authored over 20 books in the Dutch language, chief among them are Naar de Openheid (Towards the Openness), Openingen naar de Openheid (Openings towards the Openness), Non-Dualiteit, de grondeloze openheid (Non-Duality, the groundless Openness), Verdwijnende scheidingen (Disappearing Separations), Psychotherapie en Non-Dualiteit (Psychotherapy and Non-Duality), Management en Non-Dualiteit (Management and Non-Duality), De elf grote Upanishaden (the Eleven Great Upanishads), Mediteren leren (Leaning to Meditate), Chakrayoga (Chakra Yoga) and Pranayama (Pranayama). The English langauage translation of his book Non-Duality, the groundless openness has now been published by John Hunt Publishing under their Mantra imprint. It can easily be ordered via Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk .


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