This is my sphere of infinite relaxed consciousness.
October 3, 2010

Volume 11 No 15

Advaita Post 11-15

Almost beyond the limit.

 [The original caption, “Schier voorbij het einde”, is a play on words where “Schier” means “almost” but also refers to Schiermonnikoog where Douwe holds retreats and where this picture was taken.]


Text Satsang

From a talk in Gouda on May 12, 2010

Self Meditation, Part 4. The coinciding of relaxation and wakefulness

Visitor:I would like to hear more about the relationship between concentration and relaxation. There is wakefulness and I associate that with a rational focus.  If that’s not there, I become sleepy, which is certainly pleasant. But neither one brings me very much.

Douwe: That you have gotten to know these situations is positive. But you also need to look further. We are talking now about another area of self-being which you discover when you relax and consciously withdraw into yourself. You have slowly recognized that the situation on the mental level is a very limited state, “I think this” and “I think that”. It has strong limitations, because you can only think about very specific things. But when you withdraw further into yourself as consciousness, you notice very quickly that you bypass the mental. You notice it only because you can already be aware of the mental processes with their limitations and errors. This indicates that you are already at a higher level of insight. The turning into yourself of self-meditation, let’s call it: the vertical development, then continues further towards a waking consciousness that is free of the limitations of thought.

Does it matter whether I relax first?

The wakefulness will be there as a relaxation. In the “I think” and “I perceive everything” there is a pattern of tension and structures. The transition towards wakefulness means a relaxation from these patterns of tension. Through that you don’t have to sink into an unconscious sleep. You can just remain alert, while the relaxation arises.

That’s the main thing. With relaxation the temptation to fall asleep is very great.

Yes, that’s the case for people who persist in taking the rational-mental situation for granted, and otherwise know only sleep.

Just start from your mental approach in which you are aware of your surroundings and yourself. Confirm that there is a great presence of mind. Within it you notice that you become more aware, as you relax into it and clarity of mind remains. In relaxation all kinds of restrictions on your consciousness disappear. So, as you release the tension of observation and rational thought, you notice that your consciousness opens in all directions, horizontally as well as vertically. A very wide view arises, a higher insight. There is, again also through relaxation, a higher intensity of awareness.

 Could it also be that you can taste it? I taste it as a kind of sweetness, very intense …  Actually it can’t be defined.

Yes, you can taste it; you can touch it. That intensity has a sensuous concreteness. It can be a taste, but also a touch, a very clear sight of the flickering light of diamonds and a hearing of the sound of crystal bells. It varies. But the being-experience must be that concrete, because otherwise due to its vagueness it will not be completely worked through, and you notice that it easily disappears. So let yourself relax there and stay with yourself as awareness, remaining aware of the quality of the clarity of your consciousness. You rediscover yourself there as freedom and openness.

When I tumble into sleep it’s actually an escape, while in clarity I see the rational attention evaporate.

The clear space becomes infinitely large. The shapes and qualities dissolve more and more within it. It becomes more empty. The things that still arise are like clouds that are just there and then dissolve. Where do they dissolve? In the space of your own pure being-awareness. The consciousness becomes purer to the extent that it is less imbued with restrictive qualities. In Tibetan Buddhism this pure consciousness is called rigpa. Then it is indicated by the blue sky. But, you are that. So it’s not about looking at the blue sky. No, you yourself are the open sphere where a little cloud may appear occasionally. This purity of self-consciousness has no concentration anywhere. Every limited form of ‘I’ is absorbed into this Great. You will confirm that yourself, from yourself as consciousness. Then you let that image go, because every image can easily become an obstacle. The image of blue sky that you make a representation of and say, “Now I know what my original mind is”. No, be careful about that kind of image. See for yourself and recognize: this is my sphere of relaxed infinite consciousness, about which I can say nothing other than that it is openness, infinite and without separations.

A hearty greeting to all,

Douwe Tiemersma


When you let the expansion of ‘I Am’ continue, then at a given moment there is nothing more to say.
January 13, 2010

Advaita Post, Volume 11 No 1

Where’s the snowman? Where’s the image of yourself, the image of the teacher, the image of others?


One of the last words is Goodness

referring to the loving embrace

and acceptance as yourself.

It is being space without resistance,

letting everything enter,

just being open.

Everything that enters will be illumined,

others become open in

Goodness as Nothing.


Text Satsang

From a talk in Gouda on August 30, 2009

Expansion, worry and indifference

Everyone has the capacity to be aware of themselves in the situation in which they find themselves. Let it happen now. You see yourself sitting. With this reflection you become aware not only of the situation, but also of yourself in the greater space of consciousness. And that is the prerequisite ground on which the process of expansion can continue. Your conscious viewpoint is once again a situation in which you become aware of yourself. It’s directly within your own self awareness: becoming spacious. Experience-wise it’s very simple, when you go along with it. You become aware of the relaxation, the silence, the expansion while also continuing to be aware of yourself. The relaxation continues, the release continues, the space continues, but there is always the greater space of your own being-awareness. That is the condition or the motor by which the process of expansion continues. It just goes on.

Take a look and see where it goes. Your horizon becomes increasingly expansive, more spacious, until at a certain point you find that there is an infinite cosmic space. Then you immediately confirm it: apparently my own awareness-being is infinite. This is a very simple observation.

Now, when that is clear, it means that no individual limited situation can hold you, in the sense of containment. No, because you yourself are infinity. Can that free-being be enclosed by anything any longer? You are free!

Every situation is finite. You yourself are more than that finitude. So you are not subject to anything that is finite. When you go along with that, then it’s clear. So simple: it’s as plain as day.

Is it wise to be indifferent towards limited things? Yesterday there was a fogginess and indifference.
Continue to take a look again and again: apparently this is my current situation now, with this mood and that feeling. This is a given and you have to accept it. Only then, once again, you pose the question: how is it with me? Oh yes, space; there is a space which is greater than the sphere of feelings and moods, including that of indifference. That means expansion in a vertical sense.

On a personal level you start thinking: there should be something other than indifference. I must do something about it. But no, this isn’t about making a change on the horizontal plane. Just let it stay open. Just take everything as it is. And then it seems that through the presence of space everything organizes itself, flowing on in the best way possible.

You don’t really need to concern yourself with all the psychological states – not with the feeling states, not with the mental states – exactly not. When you come to yourself, you see: everything resolves itself automatically. That’s just great. You don’t have to bother about it!

For example, the body takes care of itself. If it’s cold, then it puts on clothes. If there’s hunger then it finds food. If there’s a need for a chat, then a chat comes. Don’t worry about it! You remain in yourself, in your original state.

Take a look at the ‘normal’ state. It contains so much worry – concern and worry. There’s always the thought: first this, because otherwise … This happens because thinking is ego-centered, the me-import is the most common basis for the feelings and motivations of actions.

But you see how much worry limits your own self-being. The more you worry, the more you limit yourself. The less worry there is the more freedom and joy. Totally no worries … See how simple it is. And precisely because there is no ‘I’-worry, there is an openness for all and everything.

Others are concerned about the fact that I don’t worry any more. How should I handle this?
Now you are worried again, about others who maybe have worries because you have no worries. And then you think that you should do something about it. Do you see the complexity? Keep it simple. You can be sure that that’s also best for the others.

You have returned to an interpretation on a personal level. If a person has indifference, then what do you have? An indifferent person. I’m not talking about things on that level. It’s about becoming aware of yourself as a free-being. This means that there is non-duality, also that you are everything and everyone. From there, everything will develop in a good way.

When someone says: just let everything blow away, then others will be concerned. But if they find that something else is going on and that everything appears to flow in an effortlessly open way, then it’s a very different situation. You are the other, too, precisely in the non-duality. What happens then in the world will truly be the best thing possible, because there is no self-interest any more.

You can think about it up to a certain extent so then it’s logical, too. The less people are stuck in their own self-interest, the better. That’s quite logical. Thus, so far you understand it on a mental level. But don’t stay in the mind, it’s about realizing it.

If just once you have the being-experience of freedom, then you see very clearly how the contractions and identification of the person and the body is a plague on the whole situation, for yourself and also for others. Always this cramping, that suffering … and then you see that it’s totally unnecessary. It’s absurd. It’s masochistic.

If I notice that my contraction creates pain for someone else, then isn’t it good to investigate the contraction itself rather than directly becoming spacious?
If you do that as a person, then you investigate in a psychological way. But then does the fundamental contraction change from which the difficult situation between yourself and the other arises? No, because you are still a person with contractions. At best you get a little more insight into the conditions. But the fundamental problem is not resolved.

There is only one solution: letting go on the level on which the issue arises. The core of the problem is duality, the ‘I’ in contrast to the other, of which the ‘I’ is afraid. When the duality is resolved, it takes the sting out of it and then the contraction dissolves by itself.

So keep it simple from the start. When you say: first this should happen and then that should happen, then you’re not ready yet….

No, see the simplicity directly: I return to myself in relaxation, silence and opening. Just let it continue. Even though there are still failures now and then, it doesn’t matter, when you just let the expansion of the ‘I-am’ continue. At a certain point there is nothing left to say…

When you no longer hold on to yourself there is an endless relaxation.
March 23, 2009

Advaita Post, Volume 10 No. 5

Shift your point of view and perspective
until all your positions have been released.



Introduction and talk on March 15, 2009 Bruges

Notes by Danny

Observe the process of opening and closing in yourself, so that you get to know it. Clarity is necessary for that. Only in clarity do you see how these processes work. Then you no longer go along unconsciously into a closure and openness can actually breakthrough.

You experience the open space most easily on the level of consciousness. Everybody has consciousness, everyone is being-awareness. In consciousness a wider sphere is present. Go along with the expansion of consciousness. Let your consciousness spread to the horizon around you. As you go along into that expanded consciousness, you become free from restrictive viewpoints; you break open. No one is stuck in any one particular point of view. There is a fundamental freedom. Confirm that in your own experience. You’re not stuck in a body, you have broken open into being-awareness.

On the level of witness-consciousness the identification with a person is broken through for the most part, but still there is a position. The point of view of the witness can also break open. Then there is only an infinite openness. It is the absence of all viewing points. All separations disappear. Also the separation between inside and outside is gone. The witness dissolves into the greater space. Inner becomes outer, and outer inner. Self-being appears to be universal. It is literally present everywhere. You are present everywhere as self-being, the self of everything and everyone.

Hear the sound of the church bells. You yourself are the sound of the clock from inside-out. You are also the sun and the others from inside-out. You are the self of everything and everyone. There is an endless relaxation when you no longer hold on to yourself.

Children are not strongly fixed to a particular point of view. But children don’t yet have a discerning consciousness. Therefore they can easily go along with someone else’s construction.

In being-awareness there is space, infinite space. Completely go with yourself into the expansion of self-being. Then you are the self of others. People are fundamentally open and their reality is too. Therefore, psychology can’t completely determine a definitive human structure and assess natural laws of functioning. There are no fixed data. With the human being reality is completely open. There is no fixed identity. You are yourself without identity.  Something inexpressible remains: free and without separations. It has no basis, it’s groundless and non-dual.

Remain with an open being. Ask yourself to what extent a wider sphere is possible. See this on all levels. Being-awareness is infinite, but only if you don’t impose restrictions on it. Self-being is infinite only if there are no contractions present. In itself being-awareness is infinite, it can’t be restricted. Relax and let yourself as feeling-being-awareness return to yourself.

Always be aware of your own situation. Is there a limitation present, observe it and see that you are larger than that limitation. Everyone is basically free, that means nobody is stuck anywhere. If you think you are stuck it’s an illusory belief.

You are one hundred percent free. Freedom has nothing to do with conditioning.

There is no conditioning in self-being. Primarily you are totally free.  Be aware of your original freedom. The freer you remain, the smoother everything goes.