the Advaita Center

Entrance to the advaita center

Entrance to the Advaita Center

The Advaita Center in Gouda, existing under the umbrella of the non-profit Openness Foundation, has functioned for many years as a locus for the activities of Douwe Tiemersma and those drawn to his teaching. During his lifetime there were weekly satsangs, weekend retreats and week-long retreats. Now that he has passed away, as he wished, no successor has been named and the spiritual teaching activities of the center have ended. The lease on the building has ended. That’s it.

The Advaita Center it is expected to continue to function in a provisionary role, supporting the Uitgeverij Advaita (Advaita Publishers) and the website.  If you are interested in more details please consult its website. Additionally, during Douwe’s lifetime he worked to facilitate the organization of a number of Advaita Groups, as they had sprung up in various cities in Belgium and the Netherlands. These groups are for people who are and have been deeply affected by Douwe’s insight into non-duality. They meet on a regular basis for meditation and the reading of texts from Douwe and Nisargadatta. Each group has an organizer but there is no teacher, other than what flows in and through each individual in their connection to Douwe and Maharaj. If you are interested, please refer to its website (which is in Dutch only).

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